Mythical Independence

Like an infant flailing in afterbirth, 

Inching and snorting toward the breast, 

Like a toddler focused with arms outstretched,

Reaching and stumbling for balance,

Like a child mesmerized by self discovery, 

Calling out, “look, look, look what I can do,” 

Or crying inward “me, me, me,”

Awkwardly empowered like an adolescent,

Like a young adult, with food and shelter, all his own,

That he knows not how to grow or build,

Like a husband or wife with a partner to consult,

Like a parent with a child to consider,

Like an employee living month to month

Working under a boss, under a business,

Under economy, in step with defense,

Perpetuated by consumerism,

Like an entrepreneur without enterprise,

A crime fighter without crime, 

Healthcare without ailment,

An administrator without an administration, 

Like an administration without a population,

A population without people

Like people without humanity,

Humanity without a planet,

...Upon which to share the same air, water,

Light, sound, blood, tears...

Like country without freedom,

Community without fellowship,

Family without love...

Like the body without consciousness,

Detatched from terrestrial existence 

And the sum of all energy...

We are independent.

Thanks, grazie, gracias, dhanyavaad...xoxoxo

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