Stewards of the Earth

Considering oneself a steward of the earth, (upon which humans are dependent, a planet, arguably, less damaged floating about, doing it’s cosmic thing without us) may sound benevolent, but it is almost as silly, egomaniacal or backward as claiming a measurement of the earth’s surface, as one’s property.

Once, communities intolerant of neighbors fought or fled, until some staked claim to expanded territories and eventually, the entirety of the earth’s surface was designated and there was no uncharted territory left. The bloody human paradigm of territorialism, as observed throughout the animal kingdom, gave way to the “civilized” framework of land ownership, long before we were conceived. And it remains a primary factor of human conditioning, in accordance with birthright, fairy tale promises and fear, early rewiring our human survival instincts to disproportionately equate our home and immediate surroundings with our psychological constructs of safety, security, belonging and worth. 

We were probably programmed or inferred that since, strangers outside of our gates, locks and alarms are potential threats, as good people, we must own property to protect our family or be condemned to perilous instability, paying rent to someone else who does, or worse be eaten alive by those scrapping to pay rent to other lofty property owners, never mind that property owners are not above the will, taxes and regulations of the power structure which maintains control over their ostensibly owned property, which a family may toil away a lifetime to finance, without fully enjoying. 

With the cogs of homeownersip beholden to taxes, dues, fees and often insurmountable mortgages paid so far into that it seems to great a loss to pull out of, renters and their labors required to sustain their rent, keeping them just an arms length from the beacon of home ownership, to agents of infrastructure innovating and maintaining regulations, from local administrations, to war torn world borders and all of the utilities, products and luxury items to placate each in its perpetual cycle, it is no wonder that the wheels of commerce have gained momentum and civilized society seems so fast that there is no time to cultivate the nurturing security of home life that all this property and work to sustain it was purported to procure. 

Since the seedlings of global land management, people and groups have been glorified or vilified for stretching, circumnavigating and redefining conventional bounds, with Invasion, civil war, revolution, terrorism, lobbying, humanitarian missions, communes, militant defense of one’s own land, running off into what’s left of the woods (federally claimed) hoping to homestead undetected.... But is any of it a real solution?  

Problematic or not, for better or worse, the reality is that the next generation is born into the standards and expectations laid out before their arrival; and their only choice is to submit or resist. Optimistically, submission could be looked at as the opportunity to exert the free will to expressively color within the lines of a predetermined destiny; and resistance could be considered anything from coloring outside of the lines, ripping up the coloring book or throwing it on the floor and jumping on it like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum, to authoring a new design template. Still, all is relative to the existing parameters of lifestyle design, within inescapable sociological constructs. 

If you are reading this, you may be considered fortunate that you either have the freetime to pontificate or you are passionate enough to carve out the time in your busy schedule to consider solutions. By nature, problem solving for a solution dictates that there is a problem to solve. For many, an issue isn’t really a problem if it doesn’t directly affect them or in the case of housing, if they can manage to maintain enough hope to eek by. Others rationalize how if we each do our best with our given lot in life it may mitigate the detrimental impact of any prospective problem. 

If your heart aches for those, less fortunate, who remain in deep turmoil unaided by the mentality of others whose personal defense mechanism default is to act nice while disassociating themselves from acknowledging the harsh realities of other peoples or blaming them for their misfortunes, and you see the wisdom in starting one’s desired clean up in your own backyard, you may be left wondering what the core root of the problem is. What additional cleanup might you really care to initiate? And that is the place for great starts!

From involving family and friends in a fun, low maintenance kitchen herb garden and recycling DIY or Life Hacks projects, to participating in or forming a community coop or wellness retreat or working with or to become an engineer of alternative irrigation, agriculture, energy, architecture or the like, for an eco sustainable future, throwing the coloring book on the floor in a tirade is not an option.

The best option in the sometimes crooked feeling hand that we woke up with at the card table, is the exciting prospect of really internalizing what it means to be good for goodness sake, where the ill gotten ace up the sleeve of others, is not the ethical personal play and savoring each moment that we may innovate in the most obscure ways and work with other beautiful hearted people to cultivate a unique design of priceless values and practices within the lines of the existing structure, that will harmonize the good of humanity and earths way, for generations long after the existing system of land ownership, as we know it, is the name of the game.

As it has been said, “Home is where the heart is.” Land owner or modern nomad, silly or not, considering oneself a steward of the earth, in a vast community of cognizant and compassionate neighbors around the world, is a positive way to rationalize our relationship with nature and the people in it who are stuck on a backward legacy of perceived human dominance over everything from fellow animals to the stars. I rejoice in how,  “Simple seeds of harmonious legacy and fun loving goodness are sown in my own backyard!” And I trust that our children and their children... will too. How about you?

Thanks, grazie, gracias, dhanyavaad, merci...xoxoxo

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